September 2014 Meeting Notice

  • It is never too early or late to pay your 2014 dues - If you have not participated yet please send your check for $10 to KWVA, POB 214005, South Daytona 32121 or meet Bob Hawes in person at the meeting. If you have any questions about local or national membership, or dues status you can always Bob by email at
  • We were recently were fortunate enough to entertain the Korean all-star baseball team representing the Korean National College University Baseball Federation.  We had a luncheon for them on August 6th and it was a wonderful event.  When we set it up we did not know that few of the Korean Baseball Players had ever seen or eaten a hot dog.  Bob McGuire softened the impact by introducing them to the special treat topped with Kimchi.  At the event we presented a plaque to the Korean Team from the KWVA Chapter 189 and VFW Post 3282 in honor of the teams goodwill tour of Central Florida. We want to thank all of the members and guest who showed up for the luncheon. The count of people participating was well over one hundred and it was nice to host these wonderful young ambassadors.  At the conclusion of the meal Reverend Hur of the Daytona Baptist Church took the ballplayers on a two hour visit to "America's Most Famous Beach." We were told they had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the tour. At seven in the evening on August 6th we all moved out to Deland to watch a game beween the Korean National Collegiate Team and an All Star team from the Central Florida League at the Steston University Ballpark.  The KWVA provided an honor guard for the opening ceremonies, Debbie Van Deventer sang our country's National Anthem while Rev. Hur sang the Korean National Anthem. Chuck Husbands from Chapter 189 got to throw out the first pitch.  Based on his performance there will be no follow on contract in the offering. Thanks again for participating in these events and I know it meant a lot to the young Korean Ballplayers. 
  • During the past several months the Chapter has been looking for venues to present the "Tell America Program." We still have an invitation from the Navy ROTC Program at Embry-Riddle that we need to complete.  If you know an organization that might want to learn about the history of the Korean War please contact Bob McGuire and he will be pleased to set up a presentation.