Important Message from the
President of the Korean War Veterans Association

 Korean War Veterans:

We are gradually losing membership and the initial formation of the KWVA, Inc. was done in 1985 when many of our comrades joined the KWVA and very few of those Service Veterans who were stationed in Korea were allowed to join. Those who formed "The KWVA" did not look to the future when those Service Veterans would be serving every day for 57 years into the future. The minimum number of Service Veterans who have served per year is approximately 25,000. That means about 1,475,000 served to make sure that South Korea was not attacked again. Our membership is now in the 15,000 member range and although we have taken in some Service Veterans we have never had to worry that our ratio of Service Veterans would cause us to lose our right to declare that we are a Deductible Organization. This ratio of war veterans to other who are not war veterans must be kept above 90%. That means we will soon lose our destructibility and no one who contributes to us can deduct their donation on their income tax. The Service Veterans do not want to be called war veterans, but we must somehow change the IRS Code to allow them to be considered as war veterans by the IRS only. It will then allow us to bring in more members who have served in Korea and keep our Legacy alive, since even today we have some 25,000 troops in Korea. The Armistice was a cease fire, not a peace treaty. No other war has lasted that long.

I hope each of you will write your House of Representatives either by e-mail from their website or to their office in your area or directly to their office in Washington, D.C. If you or one of your children or grandchildren have a computer you can find your representatives e-mail address, home address, Washington Office address, phone number or FAX number by going to and type in your ZIP Code and last four digit number. Mine is 76116-7600 and I wrote an e-mail to my Representative already.

Here is a suggested e-mail filler, short letter or FAX that you can use or if it is to long then shorten it. Most Representatives have staff who can call up the actual bill by the Number given to them: "Please become a Co-sponsor of H.R. 5903 to amend the IRS Code of 1986 to treat recipients of the Korea Defense Service Medal as war veterans for purposes of determining whether contributions to posts and organizations of war veterans are charitable contributions. These veterans have served in Korea after (6/25/1950 to 1/31/1955 the designated war era by the IRS) to the present time and are not considered war veterans. The war has never been officially ended. Their service has kept the peace." KWVA Member, please do this as soon as possible.

William Mac Swain, KWVA President