October 2013 Meeting Notice

  • We are currently maintaining our Korean War display at the New Smyrna Beach Museum just off Canal Street. The Korean War exhibit will be available for viewing at the Smyrna Museum, at Canal and Sams Street in New Smyrna until 15 November 2013  If you have any time and would like to meet and greet people visiting the exhibit, just contact Bob McGuire at 386.323 6401 and we will put you on the payroll.      
  • On September 10th, the Series 3 edition of Volume 1 of the Kimchi Kourier Newsletter went to press. This is the third newsletter published by our Chapter this year. and it looks great. The newsletters was sent out to all of our members through the US Postage System. You can also access the newsletter over the web by connecting to Chapter 189's website, at www.cid189.kwva.org.  The current newsletter can be accessed by going to the upper left hand corner of the home page and clicking on the "189 Newsletter" box.
  • During the past several months the Chapter has been presenting the "Tell America" Program to a number of organizations. If you know an organization that might want to learn about the history of the Korean War please contact Bob McGuire at we would be pleased to set up a presentation.