May 2014 Meeting Notice

  • One of the big events coming up this month is the annual KWVA Deparatment of Florida Convention.  The convention will be held on the 23rd and 24th of May at the Hilton Hotel in Altamonte Springs, Florida.The convention is the venue where all of the major changes in the KWVA bylaws and procedures will be discussed and voted on.  In addition the Executive Board of the KWVA Department of Florida will be elected at this meeting. Our current Chapter President Bob McGuire is on the ballot as a candidate for the position of KWVA President of the Department of Florida.  Bob is the current 1st Vice President of the KWVA Department of Florida.  Chuck Husbands of Chapter 189 is also a candidate for 2nd Vice President of the KWVA Department of Florida for 2014-2015. Chuck currently serves as the KWVA DoF Secretary.  If you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed at  the convention or you would like to attend see Bob McGuire or Chuck Husbands at the May meeting.    
  • It is never too early to pay your 2014 dues - If you have not participated yet please send your check for $10 to KWVA, POB 214005, South Daytona 32121.  Stay connected send your e-mail to, or see Bob Hawes in person at the March 18th meeting.
  • During the past several months the Chapter has been looking for venues to present the "Tell America Program." We still have an invitation from the Navy ROTC Program at Embry-Riddle that we need to complete.  If you know an organization that might want to learn about the history of the Korean War please contact Bob McGuire and he will be pleased to set up a presentation.