Timeline of Korean Events and Battles

Summer 1950 (June through September)

        6/25     North Korea invades South Korea
        6/27     President Truman deploys 7th Fleet to Taiwan
        6/27     First Air Combat Victory
        6/29    Air Corps bombs Pyongyang
        7/1      First Infantry Division Arrives
        7/2      USS Juneau sinks 3 North Korean Torpedo Boats
        7/5      Battle of Osan (First Ground Combat)
        7/6      Army establishes MASH Units
        8/4      Start of Defense of Pusan Perimeter
        9/15    Inchon Landing (Operation Chromite)
        9/15    Inchon Operation and Liberation of Seoul
        9/16    Pusan Perimeter Breakout
 Fall 1950 (October through November)
        10/8     First Jet-Powered Combat in History
        10/20   First Airborne Operation
        10/25  Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) launch First Phase Offensive
        11/8     FEAF B-29's and Navy Aircraft attack Yalu River Bridges
        11/25  CCF Counter-Offensive in North Korea (Seven US Divisions Participate)
        11/27  Battle of Changin (Chosin) Reservoir
Winter 1950- 1951 (December through February)
        12/24  Hungman Operation Complete (Evacuation of 105K US and ROK Forces)
        1/1      CCF Third Phase Begins (500K troops push UN south of 38th Parallel and Recaptured
                    of Seoul)
        1/13    Battle of Chipyong'ni
        2/1      Battle of Twin Tunnels
        2/16    Start of Seige of Wonsan (Task Force  95/ 861 - Day Naval Operation)
Spring 1951 (March through May)
        3/7      Start of Operation Ripper (Through April 4, 1951)
        3/23    Start of Operation Tomahawk
        4/12    First Major Aerial Duel (40 MIG 15's vs B-29's)
        4/22    CCF First Spring Offensive (Largest Single Battle of Korean War to Date
        5/17    CCF Second Spring Offensive (Four US Divisions Participate)
        5/20    Start of Operation Strangle
Summer 1951 (June through August)
       6/10   Battle of Punchbowl (Near Hwach'on Reservoir)
       7/10   Truce Talks Begin
       8/18    Battle of Bloody Ridge (Hill 983)
Fall 1951 (September through November)
       9/13    Battle of Heartbreak Ridge (Hill 931)
       9/21    Start of Operation Summit (First Helicopter Deployment)
      11/27   Negotiation and Agreement of 38th Parallel
      11/30   Communist Bombers Attacks and Suffer High-Losses 
Spring 1952 (June through August)
     5/25    Raid on Agok
Summer 1952 (June through August)
     6/6      Start of Operation Counter          
     7/17    Battle of Old Baldy (Hill 266)
     7/23    FEAF and Navy Aircraft Cripple North Korean Power Grid
     8/12    Battle of Bunker Hill (Hill 122/ First Major Marine Combat in Western Korean)
     8/29   War's Largest Air Raid (Over 1,4000 Sorties Flown)
Fall 1952 (September through November)
    9/1     Largest All-Navy Raid (Destruction of Aoji Oil Refinery in North Korea)
    9/17   Outpost Kelly besieged by CCF
    10/9    Start of "Cherokee" Strikes Bombing Campaign
    10/14  Start of Operation Showdown (Battle of Hill 598/ Sniper's Ridge)
    10/26  Battle of  the Hook
    11/3    US Marines hold Hill 851 near Heartbreak Ridge
Winter 1952-1953 (December through February)
    12/25  2nd Marines hold Hill 851 Heartbreak Ridge
    1/25    Start of Operation Smack (Assault on Spud Hill)   
Spring 1953 (March through May)
    3/17   Hill 355 Assaulted by Chinese Forces
    4/16   Battle of Pork Chop Hill (17th and 31st Infantry Regiments)
    4/20   Start of Operation Little Switch
    4/23   32nd Regiment (7th I.D.) relieves 31st Infantry Regiment of Old Baldy/Hill Complex
    4/26  Chinese Forces attack Nevada Cities outposts (5th Regiment defeats Chinese  Regiment)
    5/13  Raid on Toksan Dam (58th Fighter-Bomber Wing Destroys Water Irrigation Systems)
Summer 1953 (June through August)
   6/15   USS Princeton launches 184 Sorties    
   6/15   Navy and Marine Corps aircraft fly 910 Sorties (Highest single day total)
   6/30   FEAF Sabres destroy 16 MIG's (Largest single day total)  
   7/6     Battle of Pork Chop Hill
   7/13   Battle of Kumsong River Salient (Last Communist Offensive)
   7/24   Final US Ground Combat (Attack of Berlin Complex "Boulder City" includes Hill 111 and
             Hill 119)
   7/27   Last Air Combat (Downing of Troop Transport)
   7/27   Signing of Armistice (US, Korea and China) ending the Korean War (No treaty signed
             between North and South Korea)

This time line was acquired from the Korean War National Museum Website. 
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