June 2013 Meeting Notice

  • As you know plans have been in the works for several months to set up a Korean War display at the New Smyrna Beach Museum just off Canal Street. If you have any memorabilia, that you can lend us, such as caps, boots, uniform parts, books, canteens, mess kits, belts, belt buckles, trenching tools. In fact anything you are proud of or that you think will help tell the story of the Korean War to strangers or the youth of today, in our small museum exhibit, please let us know at the meeting or contact Bob McGuire at 396.323.6401. Take a look at what you have.  What you consider routine may be unique to another branch of service.  
  • On May 14th the May 2013 edition of the Kimchi Kourier Newsletter went to press. This is the second newsletter this of the year, for our Chapter, and it looks great.  Bob McGuire is the Newsletter Editor and we owe him a debt of gratitude for the newsletter and newspaper publicity he generates on the Chapters behalf.   The newsletters will be sent out to all of our members through the US Postage System. If you have access to the web connect to Chapter 189's website, at www.cid189.kwva.org,  and you can read a copy by going to the upper left hand corner of the home page and clicking on the "189 Newsletter" box.
  • On May 17th a presentation of the "Tell America" Program was presented to a number of Seniors at the Coronado Methodist Church in New Smyrna. As 2013 has been declared by Congress as the year of the Korean Veteran, we believe we will have additional request for this type of presentation in the near future. If you know an organization that might want to learn about the history of the Korean War please contact Bob McGuire at we would be pleased to set up a presentation.
  • The official opening of the Korean War Display, at the New Smyrna Museum will be held on July 27th. A short Memorial Ceremony will take place in the small park across from the museum followed by a wine and cheese formal reception in the museum, everyone is invited.  The Korean War Display at the New Smyrna Museum will run from July 1st to November 15th, covering the 60th anniversary of the end of hostilities in Korea and Memorial Day. We will have access to the museum to install the exhibit between June 20th and July 1st.