January 2016 Meeting Notice
  • On January 19th, 2016, Chapter 189 of the Korean War Veterans Association will hold their monthly meeting at the John Mealy Memorial VFW Post in Port Orange, Florida.
  • Members arriving for lunch can arrive at 12:00 and choose their meal from the VFW Bar Menu, and socialize during the meal. The regular KWVA Business Meeting will begin at 1:00 PM. As many of the members may be attending the Governor's Medal presentation in Deland we will have no guest speaker planned for this meeting.  However, our new Chapter President Joe Sicinski would like to take a few minutes and indicate his vision of what we are planning on doing, as a Chapter, in 2016, and the kind of support he will need to meet these goals. In addition we hope to present, as a slide show, a series a photographs taken at the recent Holiday Party for your entertainment.
  • Prior to the meeting at 9:30 AM the Governor's Veterans Service Award (Medal) will be presented to any Honorably discharged Veteran of the US Armed Forces.  Please wear Veteran related headgear to this presentation.  The event will be held at the Florida National Guard Armory, 401 South Alabama Avenue, Deland, Florida. Registration will take place from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM with the presentation taking place at 9:30 AM.  In order to qualify for this event you must present your DD-214; VA ID Card; Retirement ID; Military ID and a photo ID. There should be time enough to get this award and get back to the VFW Post for the dinner and the meeting. (See KWVA Postcard Notice 1-19-2016  on our Recent Events Page).
  • On 16 April 2016 the Department of Florida will hold its annual Convention at the Waterfront Inn in the Villages, Florida.  All National Members of the KWVA are invited.  This is a one day event and will run from 9 AM to about 4 PM. There is an open bar at 6 PM and the Convention Banquet Dinner will be held from 7 PM to 9 PM.  Lodging for convention participates and their families will be available, at the Waterford Inn, for both Friday and Saturday, at reduced rates, for those wishing to stay  overnight.  If you have any questions about the convention, the meals or arrangements please contact Chuck Husbands at 386.780.7163.  To support the development of the convention booklet we have been ask if our members would like to sign up on a "Freedom Fighters" page as we have in the past.  A form will be available at the January meeting and the cost is $10, for those wishing to participate. As a Chapter we have subscribed to a 1/2 page ad in the convention booklet to offset some of the cost of publication.
  • As you know several years ago the Chapter 189 put together a wonderful Korean War Display for the Museum in New Smyrna. At that time we only had the museum space for a limited time. We recently received word that we can install, on a semi permanent basis, our Korean War Historical Display of memorabilia, by local veterans, in a Daytona Beach Historical Museum. At this time it appears that space will available and we can start installation of the display in the museum in the June time frame.  If you have Korean War memorabilia that you would like to place on loan for the display please contact Robert McGuire or Robert Hawes.
  • The special presentation of the awesome documentary "Chosin" filmed in Korea that was originally slated for November has been postponed to early in 2016 so that many of the snowbirds that join us during the winter will have an opportunity to see this film .  This focal point of American involvement in the Korean liberation will have several local participants in attendance.  The date of the new "hugh screen" program, along with other details of the program, will be take place within the next few  months.
  • During the past several months the Chapter has been presenting the "Tell America" Program to a number of organizations. If you know an organization that might want to learn about the history of the Korean War please contact Bob McGuire at 396.323.6401,and he would be pleased to set up a presentation. We are in the process of preparing a short brochure on the history and impact of the Korean War, to go along with the presentation. We would like to spread the story of the Korean Conflict for all those who may never have heard of it, or its impact on our current global condition.
  • In recent days we have become aware that their are Veterans in our community that have recently died and have not been provided with an opportunity to receive a military ceremony in their memory.  Chapter 189 of the KWVA does not think that this is proper, and have decided to present a small final military ceremony for any Veteran that requests it. If you know of a Veteran that needs a final military ceremony please contact Bob McGuire at 386.323.6401 and we will attempt to get that request fulfilled.