December 2018 Meeting Notice
  **** Agenda for Christmas Party ****

12:00 am Open Door

12:30 am Open Meeting 
  Nation Anthem - Sung by Shannon Rea
  Invocation - Chaplain Hans Wolfe
  A Moment of Silence -  In memory of our veterans who served
  and gave their lives to allow us to celebrate this day in peace.
  Introduction of Officers and Guests

1:15 pm Luncheon Served
  Music by Shannon Rea and poem by Dee Hawes

2:00 pm Continue Meeting
  Swearing in Ceremony of  2019 KWVA Chapter Officers
  Exchange of Gifts, KWVA Gift and 50/50
  Comments by the Chapter Commander - Joe Sicinski
  Closing prayer - Chaplain Hans Wolfer
  Singing of God Bless America - Shannon Rea
  Salute to the Flag

  Adjourning Meeting 

  ****Merry Christmas to Everyone ****