Ambassador Award Ceremony
Distribution of Certificates

On November 11th , Veteran's Day, the Department of Defense sent several representatives to the Ambassador's Program Award Ceremony in Port Orange.  The Award Ceremony, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula, was held in the Port Orange City Amphitheater, Port Orange Florida. During the program, The DoD Representatives  personally award certificates to the recipients who have served in the defense of Korean in recognition of their service to their country.  It was a wonderful celebration of appreciation to the veterans that participated in “The Forgotten War.”  For those that were unable to attend the award ceremony we will make sure you personally receive your certificate of appreciation.  Shown below are the cover for the Dedication Ceremony Program and the order of events which took place during the Award Ceremony. Click on the block below the program to obtain a list of the persons receiving appreciation awards from the Department of Defense at the Port Orange Ceremony. In addition we have added a number of photos taken at the event.  Thank you for your service and I hope that you enjoyed this event honoring the veterans of the "Forgotten War."


Ambassador Certificate Recipients
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